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Monday, 28 January 2008

Matthew Williamson Exhibition

I wasn't that excited about going to see this exhibition but I'm glad I went and it was my first ever trip to the Design Museum!  His colours and designs appeal to my senses, visually and to touch, all the neon, embroidery and sequins - its girly and trashy at the same time, very party orientated with Jade Jaguar and Ibiza as muse and influence (Electric Angels collection).

The panel boards for the text had a different MW print in each header design, which was a nice touch as galleries seem to breed the same font for the text information usually.  

It was funny viewing the videos of catwalks as I don't really watch anything like this normally and the models looked so bored & some of the boy models didn't seem to know what the hell they were doing there.  

The best bit was looking through all the contact sheets (Photographer-Robert Farer) as they show the fun and camaraderie that was happening backstage.

Over and Out. (Photos taken on my camera phone-bit shoddy sorry!)