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Tuesday, 19 February 2008

FOAM magazine

This magazine is expensive but kind of worth it, it is like a magazine gallery, different types of paper stock in each issue with lavish prints and interesting articles and discussions by current practitioners.  The latest issue has work by Wolfgang Tillmans, these are some intriguing points from the article- "the truth study center became a way to think about perception and truth.., on each table groupings of photographs, clippings, magazines and photocopies propose observations on the world and open them to interpretation.  Each time work is shown it changes, according to context of location and to shifts in the particularities of the present".
Also in the current FOAM: In 1978 John Szarkowski was the Curator of Photography at MOMA, 'Mirrors and Windows' was the exhibition on at this time.  He proposed that photographs operate as either subjective pictures of the world or descriptive facts about the world - "Observation is never neutral- truth is a contested story told by unreliable narrators".  I just found these quotes interesting as the latter is similar to my thoughts on photography, maybe this is quite a cynical way of looking?  In many photographs (I am specifically thinking more documentary, photo-journalism for example) something is left out, 'what is just to the left of the frame?' - this is great as it adds intrigue and makes you question the image so that the viewer will engage with the photograph more yet it can also be used as negative.  At the moment Robert Capa's lost negatives have been found and are being archived and restored, will his infamous photograph that made him legend now destroy his reputation if it is found to be staged?  I am sure lots of news articles will be coming our way on that one!