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Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Really awesome idea for a perfume bottle but wouldn't the eraser make your hand smell like rubber?  Very stealthy also for your desk being hidden in a writing pad.  Really good ceramic figurines and cutaway wallpaper on this website.

Project 04 Product Designs

L'office parfum

The winning design of the DSM Young Designer Award 2004, lÓffice Perfume is for the working environment, to be used before a board meeting, or a meeting with the Boss, before a cup of coffee with a colleague, or as a spray before heading home from a long-day’s work. L’Office is a light citrus fragrance for both men and women, and comes in a package and bottle that fits into the working desk environment. Made from pink eraser material, the bottle can be used and transforms shape over time. The bottle sits within a writing pad, ready for use