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Monday, 7 September 2009

new found collage love

Howdy partners, so I have been unwith real work last week and this, hence job interview on wed-wish me luck! So i have been trying to keep myself entertained via the medium of collage which I am definitely trying to bring back within my work as I find it really satisfying! The plane/flower collage was A3 but I only have an A4 scanner hence the double lines!x

Also I have been having a busy weekend at Photocamp in Bradford with the lovely Amy Lord, doing workshops and general learning fun, photos to follow soon!

So a lazy sunday night was had, combined with cleaning-why when I dont know what to do I clean - procrastination possibly! And a good Monday morn so far, recycled glass bottles-i love the smashing sound!and walk around Leeds, I feel such an idiot for never having been to Burley Park's actual park before so nice!took some 35mm and pinhole photos, quite excited to view them soon. The pinhole was made on Saturday out of one roll of 35mm, empty 35mm film canister and match box and sticky tape!

I shall post my photos and the contraption from the pinhole soon, think I may make one out of a coke can also-how exciting!