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Friday, 19 March 2010

Found 2 really intriguing & cor blimey wish I had thought of that photo projects over the past few days!

I am doing some research into photographic and image making workshops & scouring the web for ideas and came across Laura Braun's website, she has done a project with london shops and is now carrying out a workshop related to this at the photographers gallery, london. From her news page, I linked to these images from www.peopleandthings.info, I am really into still life shots at the moment, I think its the calmness of them and how beautiful they can look, I really like that Jane Maxwell-Hylop's images (above) relate to the sequencing of words from the dictionary, something fairly arbitrary that can then create many meanings, it reminds me of working in the library and alphabetising all the fiction works!

Also this work is from the new look British Journal of Photography, a personal project of Dylan Thomas (Top Image on blog, www.dylanthomasphotography.com & http://www.bjp-online.com/public/showPage.html?page=873752), he was assistant to Lord Snowden for 5 years and now has an amazing portfolio of shots that have been in many a weekend supplement and also beautiful shots for World of Interiors magazine. I am not going to tell you where or what these photographs depict, but I for one was so happy to find a project that actually resonated with me & got me excited again, as usual, (in the what kristy likes department) the composition was kept simple and uniform for all the shots with a sinister undertone. Check out page 28 of the new BJP for a full set of 5 images.

Tarar for now, must do more work!x