Hi! This blog is a way to share the things I find and a way to keep me looking. I'm Kristy, a photographer and assistant based in London town. I am very curious into the lives of others and this is what feeds my creativity. Enjoy my blog, thank you for looking!

Monday, 30 August 2010

Kristy the photographic helper!

I lent my services to the Media Museum, Bradford earlier on in the summer, I was assisting on in house projects and family activities & also taking part in a family photography week project. This took me to St Ives in Bingley, Harewood House and the marvelous Saltaire! It was all great fun and the families made the week really special for me!

Above is the invite to the exhibition, which will be the culmination of five families hard work! (With my photograph, don't you know!)

I am very sad I will have to miss out on the preview as I was offered a place on a great photography development course in Liverpool, which I am setting off for today! (The lovely Redeye are organising this and Open Eye gallery is hosting with a vast range of great speakers.)

As for the Media Museum, I also devised and ran a drop in workshop session, which was great fun! It was an exquisite corpse project, where images the participants took of themselves were blended/cut and paste style, with images from the museums archives. (not actually called exquisite corpse as I thought this was a bit morbid!) Images shown above!