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Sunday, 19 September 2010

oh Saltaire!

Just had a lovely day out in Saltaire with the Mum, www.saltaireartstrail.co.uk spent time going round the houses, open houses that is! because it was Saltaire Arts Trail and as well as art, we got to nosy in peoples homes to-double the fun!

We ended up coming home with some graphic prints by: Adam Cole, www.cozya.co.uk/index.html, seen some great work by fellow photographer Giuseppe Lambertino www.lambertino.net and lovely ceramic artist Jo Lee, www.jolee.uk.com I really liked her modern take on Russian dolls, amongst some other fabulous art creations!

No trip to Saltaire would be complete without visiting Salts Mill, where there was also a photography exhibition in the roof space, which was such a massive and incredible area of the mill, which otherwise I would never have seen. We had brilliant coffee and cake in the Cafe in the Opera section of the mill, my chosen cake was a blueberry sponge with blueberry ice cream and butterscotch sauce, mums was a tiramasu sponge marscapone creation-incredible!

Plus I wore a pretty great outfit of tweed skirt, purple tights & grey marl t shirt-with very impractical shoes for rain!I was drooling over some great boots in the style sections of all the papers over coffee today!get me some sheepskin in a boot with a slight wedge please!