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Thursday, 6 January 2011

How did christmas go so fast!

As ever, the festive season swooshed on by in a haze of flu, cold, train & bus journeys, lots of chocolate, cake and lovely presents! My five days back up north just weren't enough, but I did manage to get in a lovely group xmas dinner with all my friends from art foundation, xmas eve dinner with my dad and family and then xmas day with the mum & step family and then another day taking family portraits with my mums side of the family! Tres good!

I came back to London town for the wedding of two most fabulous friends, Emily & Jonny Back. I would post photos here but I gave all my CF cards to Jonny, fellow photographer, so he gets all the work of editing-tehe! I met Jonny on my photography degree in Preston and suffice to say we have lots of lovely photography pals-so on Mr Back's wedding day, I was the 'Getting Ready' and table decs photographer and then I high-five-tag-teamed it to Jon Applegate to photograph the ceremony and groups, then he passed onto Dave Galpin to photograph guests and the first dance! Very well delegated so we all had time to enjoy ourselves, food favourite was the sticky toffee pudding-amazing!

I have now also started working in a cafe called Hot Pepper Jelly in Crouch End, to pay the bills and all that, this will be my P\T weekend job while I try to be fabulous and all photographer like in the other hours of life! Wahey London!

I was talking with my lovely friend Jade, (while we were out for mouth watering cocktails at Bourne & Hollingsworth on Tuesday evening) about how it doesn't feel like we live in London, until we go into 'central' and then thats what I go all giddy and realise I live in this great city and there are so many exciting possibilities and challenges, in a good way! I even did a little skip onto the tube the other day-don't know why! (it wasn't rush hour!)

I got a Jo Malone candle for christmas, it comes with its own matches-how swish is that! Plus I got some amazing other giftages and books, personal favourite-Jasper Conron, Country - amazing photography by Andrew Montgomery, thank goodness the rents drove me back down, filled the volvo estate up again with all my stuff!

I will be looking forward to my Friday evening out with friends Rob & Jade as we venture to the Curzon cinema in Soho to see 'Somewhere'.

Tarar for now!