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Sunday, 10 January 2010

let it snow and other stories

So I thought I would post a blog item, crazy I know! I thought it would send me off with a mellow mood for the day as I have to tackle writing a presentation and then playing a badminton match!(the less mellow portion of the day). I havnt posted for a while it being christmas and then the new year and then being busy and blowing my nose ever 5 seconds with a cold!

I had a great trip to wales with the boyfriend over the festive period, lots of food and good pub lock ins and massive grandparents tv's (70 inch anyone!)! Santa brought me more than I could have asked for including the lovely viktor and rolf perfume and a 50mm lens, which is amazing, makes my camera seem less intrusive and I am taking more pictures as a result, 1.8 is beautiful!

Had an amazing three course tea in Summerbridge, North Yorkshire, on New Years Eve, matt and I made, (actually steve our friend helped more!) pea and mint soup for starter, which involved blending lots and seeing what happened! but it was ace and the food was lovely, dauphinoise potatoes yum yum and amazing chocolate cake to finish and everyone talking about i-phone apps, as the boy got an i-phone for christmas-jealous, no, moi?!

Here are few photos from the festive period: