Hi! This blog is a way to share the things I find and a way to keep me looking. I'm Kristy, a photographer and assistant based in London town. I am very curious into the lives of others and this is what feeds my creativity. Enjoy my blog, thank you for looking!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

London Town & Studio Times

Well then chaps, this week I have been working with photographer Owen Silverwood and his production man, Dave Bullivant on a shoot for Cadburys and then I spent yesterday helping a fellow assistant out with some model tests. I dont really mind this when I can chat to 3 up & coming boy models on a Wednesday morning!


I did a few shots of my own, as little tests and to get me shooting bits and pieces again. Here is the marvellous James Robjant who works at Curtain Road Studios and then the contents of my bag, all precariously placed!

I have been editing some portrait photos for the Look 2011 Photography Festival, editing is almost another job in itself and I have been trying to figure out which shots best fit the brief-which I set myself! Argh! Lots to do!

More information about my collaborative photography project for Look 2011 can be found here: