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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

I LOVE this guys work!

He has an image in the permanent collection at the V&A yay!For almost 10 years, artist Richard Galpin has been carefully excavating cities; revealing their hidden geometries and composition. The removal of buildings from their context and vice versa makes Galpin a perfect fit for the virtual pages of Life Without Buildings. His technique could be described as a form of subtractive painting. Like some bizarre combination of plastic surgeon and urbanist, Galpin artfully takes his scalpel to photographs of urban landscapes, slicing and cutting until the image loses its coherence; replaced instead by what he describes as “reconfigured cluster of partially erased cubo/constructivist form.” (A time-lapse video of this painstaking process is availble on his website.) In looking through the work on his website, it’s clear that Galpin’s work has evolved from mysterious landscapes floating in the void to fractured, designed abstractions. Curated erasure. Text copied from http://lifewithoutbuildings.net/2009/04/selective-demolition-the-work-of-richard-galpin.html