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Friday, 29 April 2011

Blank Showcase

Oh to be back in Leeds for this lovely event! My friends, the madcap 'LordWhitney' have just launched their own studio, I am so excited for them and they kited it out with their usual flair and sophistimication!

The brief for their opening: We asked our guests to use their imagination and create or collect anything in response to the initials CF. During the evening the submissions were placed within the exhibition wall resulting in a spontaneous compendium of drawings, images, photographs and collected oddities! This was to be taken as seriously or as playfully as they liked. We wanted everyone who attended to be part of the exhibition and we had an amazing variety of submissions from a Carrot Fish to beautiful black and white print of a Collodian Flower, we were amazed by them all and would like to say a massive thanks to everyone who took part in the exhibition. To see all the submissions have a look at our album here.

My CF was CURLY FRIDGE, in the bottom right of the images above. And my invite said CANTANKEROUS FERRET-love it!

More images and lovely creative talent at: http://www.lordwhitney.blogspot.com/