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Thursday, 24 September 2009

France ended and photo taking began!

I havnt posted in a week as I have been with the beau in France yay! It was sunny, I got tanned and was served cocktails by the pool all week-NOT! It was very dreary with one or two sunny-ish days but we did manage one bbq, checking very clearly that matt hadnt bought horse meat burgers-argh! There were some lovely lovely grey kittens who managed to hang around and look adorable all week, my mum was feeding them the week before so they werent too happy when we didnt give them crunchies!

As always I took all my camera gear, did I use my digital once?nope, a couple of rolls on the old zenza and a few 35mm from my point and shoot and also been donning my pinhole camera made at photocamp, which I am really excited to see the results, a few over exposures I am thinking but we shall wait and see!